Actions speak louder than denials

What can you do in 2018 to slow Climate Change? Actions from a perspective on architecture and cities:

  1. Be a mindful consumer. Do you need it? Can you repair it? Can you share it? Can a used model do the job as well?
  2. Buy local. Ask where your stuff comes from, and all the steps between there and here.
  3. Lobby for better public transit… and use it.
  4. Learn to use your thermostat and set it to save energy. Then dress accordingly – no more sweaters in summer and tank tops in winter.
  5. Slow down. Can you get there on foot? On a bike? Do you need to go at all?
  6. Don’t just recycle – reuse. Pretend there is a war on, and you have to Make Do. Remember when your grandfather could find just the right piece of wire in the barn? Save useful things.
  7. If you relocate, consider the neighborhood. Can you meet your daily needs within a 5-minute walk?
  8. Give up meat or save it for special occasions.
  9. Plant trees. Not just one in the back yard, but forests to offset your carbon use. Contact your local land trust.
  10. When you build, plan for a long service life: Will it still be dry in 2100? Can it be easily repurposed for new functions? Is it connected to/part of a thriving economic core?