Design Philosophy

Architecture can be thrifty with resources and still generous in spirit; encouraging density, diversity, and reconnection. unabridged measures design excellence in three ways:


We accept the genuine power of nature and the limited resources available to create wonderful places. unabridged has adopted the 2030 Challenge, promising all new buildings and renovations shall reduce energy consumption 60% below average. We measure energy performance post-occupancy, and pursue LEED certification with tenacity.


We continually challenge the status quo.

Research informs every project, and leads us to not only new building technologies, but to new ways of thinking about the way people live with structure and culture. We strive for a critical practice by creating active and inclusive studios.


Great solutions are discovered through close collaboration with our clients and colleagues, and result in aesthetically rewarding and productive spaces. We look beyond the building edge to contribute to greater vitality of the project, culture, and community. Good design promotes community engagement with architecture and ensures longevity.