Understanding the conditions of life at the edge of water and marsh is the function of the National Estuarine Research Reserves.  The program incorporates interpretive exhibits, educational resources, and scientific exploration within a sensitive environment at the intersection of fresh and salt marshes, oak uplands and the coastal bay.  Planning for environmental sustainability at this edge is critical; for the present, for permanence, and for the instruction it offers to the future.

The visitor center fosters a tangible relationship with scientific laboratories.  The two wood-frame structures are woven into the existing tree canopy, and raised 10’ above grade to avoid flooding and storm surge.


Completed 2010

Program: 24,937 SF Visitor Exhibits, Research Laboratories, Administrative Offices

Cost: $7,758,700

LEED Silver Rating

Project Team:

EskewDumezRipple, Architect, John Anderson, Project Architect

Lyons Zaremba, Exhibits

TLC, Mechanical/Electrical Engineer