Hurricane Katrina flooded the Hancock County Emergency Operations Center in 2005, jeopardizing human life and the continuity of operations.  The new EOC provides space for the staff to direct county operations when a threat is declared, whether severe weather, pandemic, or terrorist in origin.

The EOC includes offices for staff, Red Cross, E-911, media, National Guard, emergency investigations, search and rescue, and other county leaders. Construction with tilt-wall concrete panels meets FEMA standards for impact and wind-resistance, with concrete roof decks and membrane roofing. Entrances are covered and sheltered by an arcade.

The site is well outside of the potential surge area, and has a raised floor elevation and permeable paving to deter flooding.  Existing trees on site will be retained as a buffer to commercial neighbors.


Completed 2013

Program: 8,800 SF shelter hardened to FEMA 361.  Self-sufficiency required for 36 hours.

Cost:  $3,500,000.00

Project Team:

Compton Engineering, Project Management, Civil Engineer

unabridged Architecture, Architect

Baldauf-Herrin, Structural Engineer

Mazzetti, MEP Engineer