Fire House N° 1

Bay St Louis

The Fire House is located on Main Street, so although the structure meets 200+ mps wind and blast-resistance criteria, the design responds to the downtown scale with a civic presence. Materials include an armored masonry shell with brick facade, blast-resistant glazing, and a concrete roof deck plus waterproof membrane. These features contribute to the “hardened” envelope that keep people safe in a hurricane.

It’s a gorgeous space, an art gallery for trucks.

Massing, scale, proportions, setbacks, and locally-made brick link the new structure to the historic past. In order for the Fire House to be self-sufficient it has sustainability features including a potable water cistern, rainwater harvesting to fill trucks, emergency power generator, and an energy-efficient ground-source heat exchange system.


Completed 2010

Program: 4 apparatus bays, 8 bunkrooms, administrative offices, classroom training, city emergency
operations center, hardened to FEMA 361. Self-sufficiency required for 48 hours.

Cost: $4,500,000

AIA Mississippi Citation Award, 2010

Brick in Architecture, Civic Category Bronze Award, 2012

Project Team:

unabridged Architecture, Architect

Baldauf-Herrin, Structural Engineer

Mazzetti, MEP Engineer

J. Chiniche, Civil Engineer

ComAdd, Contractor