The true challenge for maintaining the significance of rural homesteads is in responding to deterioration and maintenance issues with methods that do not alter the evidence of the historic occupants. The chief repair tasks at the Shaw Cabin include repair of deteriorated logs, replacing missing and deteriorated millwork, stabilizing two chimneys, new foundation piers and metal roofs, and repairing the wood framing. The dual challenges of protecting and preserving the structures while making them accessible to visitors can be challenging, and requires adherence to a strictset of preservation standards.

Small details become valuable clues to how the farmstead functioned in the 1880’s and afterwards.   The story of the family and their self-sufficiency is also told in the outbuildings including the Jar House, WC, Potato Shed, Smoke House, Grist Mill, Schoolhouse, and Stables.  The second phase of restoration will re-build many of these structures using historic photos and materials recovered from the site.


Completion 2013

Program: Preservation of 1750 SF Rural Farmstead from 1880’s

Cost: $105,000

Project Team:

unabridged Architecture, Architect

George Fore, Preservation Consultant

Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, Oral History + Landscape Architecture