One evacuation shelter serves residents of coastal areas with special medical needs,  with capacity for 60-80 patients, plus caregivers and nursing staff.  This structure follows the prototype of the Hancock County shelters, with cast-in-place concrete walls support a curving roof.  Impact-resistant steel doors and armoured windows defend against flying debris and collateral damage.  Self-sufficiency features include a generator, uninterrupted water supply and sewage. The special medical needs shelter includes additional program elements for nursing, storage, oxygen, ambulance delivery, etc.


Completed 2011

Program: 10,000 SF shelter hardened to FEMA 361.  Self-sufficiency required for 36 hours.

Cost:  $3,200,000.00

Project Team:

Compton Engineering, Project Management, Civil Engineer

unabridged Architecture, Architect

Baldauf-Herrin, Structural Engineer

Mazzetti, MEP Engineer

C. Perry, Contractor