This historic Catholic African-American sanctuary was built by parish member Joe Labat in 1927.  It remained staunch against storms but affected by general deterioration through time and continuous, spirited use.  Structural repairs included foundation work, replacing framing at specific areas, and creating a more efficient building envelope through insulation.  Concrete board siding replaced the deteriorated wood siding and the asbestos shingle covering.

The steeple had tilted from years of storm and wind exposure, and was righted.  The confessional was moved out of the church and into a small addition to the side.  Restrooms were made accessible and compliant in a side-mounted addition, in order to maintain the historic frontage as it always stood.

Staffed by Divine Word Missionaries, the church serves a growing congregation through its outreach programs.  The well-known gospel choir is supported by a children’s choir, male ensemble, and a traditional choir.  Renovations were planned to retain the original acoustics of the sanctuary.


Completed 2011

Cost: $600,000

Program: 4,700 SF restoration and additions

Project Team:

unabridged Architecture, Architect

Sparks Engineering, Structural Engineer

Canon Engineering, MEP Engineer

J.O. Collins, Contractor